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About Joy

Fashion Designer Joy Houston has fulfilled the wedding dreams of thousands of brides both in her native Thailand and also in the Washington, D.C. metro area.  Joy has a lifelong passion for creating and wearing beautiful gowns, starting as a child playing ‘dress up.’  Wanting to master the art of fashion design, Joy attended three different fashion schools, including L’Ecole Guerre Lavigne. Immediately after graduating, she opened her first bridal store north of Bangkok and after nearly 24 years and more than 10,000 brides later, Joy Houston has become the master of making brides beautiful.
Joy’s inspiration toward designing is found in her belief that every woman has her own unique natural beauty and Joy's  job is to bring out that beauty by designing a gown that compliments feminine features.  She brings life to her designs by using custom-made silk fabrics from Asia and hand embroidered embellishments of symbols from nature such as flowers.  Her goal in each design is to accentuate all the natural, wonderful and mysterious things it means to be called ‘a woman’. 
 Joy is an avid student of the bridal industry and believes the best bridal designers are the ones that design from the heart.  Joy Houston follows her own path creating unique designs, while at the same time fulfilling brides’ dreams by designing graceful and elegant gowns. 
 In 1999, Joy came to the U.S. with a desire to expand her reach as an international designer. Operating two retail bridal stores in the greater Washington area, she enJoys great success, developing a loyal local and distant clientele. With quality as her benchmark, Joy skillfully designs each gown, carefully selects the fabric and dutifully oversees the workmanship.  Her remarkable attention to detail, enchanting personality and ability to make dreams come to life make Joy the choice designer of brides around the world.
 In 2007, Joy Houston reaches yet another milestone, introducing an exciting new line of bridal gowns to the U.S. wholesale market; each gown created with unparalleled expertise and creativity and always from the heart of Joy Houston. 

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